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Medical research has contributed significantly to improving peoples' health across the globe. Most of the advancements and cutting edge research have been almost exclusively carried out in developed countries, with the majority of the contribution in this space coming from western countries. The budget for medical research in developed countries is mainly supported through investment/money from public, private and non-profit institutions. The money spent in research in established biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies comes from revenue earned from products sales, while venture capital firms support Startup Companies in the biotechnology industry.

Current spending on medicines and vaccines in East & Central Africa is estimated to be about $3 billion/annum and about $25 billion/annum for the whole Africa. While some of the revenue generated from the sales stays in Africa through wages/salaries, most of it is taken back to multinational companies’ home countries to support biotech/pharma R&D in medical research thus denying Africa the revenue needed to invest its own Medical Research Infrastructure. When fully established in the next 10 years, Daktari Biotechnology plans to be a major player in medical research by using some of the revenues it will generate to support and build robust internal research and development programs that will address the diseases that afflict people on the African continent.

Daktari Biotechnology Founder, Wilson Endege, has lived in the USA and worked in medical research for 27 years. Through his network, he has been actively reaching out to the many Kenyan and African Diaspora professionals to join the company as founders and contribute their great wealth of knowledge and experience towards executing the Mission and Vision of the company and work towards making Africa independent in the Medical Research Space, while it fosters collaboration with researchers across the globe.

The company expects to have a state of the art Research & Development facility built and staffed with highly qualified staff to advance its goal of becoming the premier medical research company in Africa, performing research with a goal to develop and implement solutions the in human and animal health space in Africa. DKTB is appealing to Diaspora Africa Medical Research professionals to join it in advancing it’s Mission and Vision.