Our Technology

Technology Advancements in Medicines and Vaccines Production

We continue to improve on technology every day as we advance medicine and vaccine development and production. Our pharmaceutical production will initially focus on producing Biosimilar biologics using the latest technologies that include: Bacmam Expression System and BEVs Technology. We will progress into small molecule generics with a goal of deploying long acting slow effective release antiretroviral therapy (LASER ART) technology that introduces a paradigm shift in the regularity of medicine dosing regime.


Improved Bacmam & BEVs Technology developed by Dr. Frederick Boyce and Dr. Wilson Endege that combines optimized expression vectors and mammalian cell lines for protein production.

Laser Art

A co-invention of Dr. Benson Edagwa and others; long acting slow effective release antiretroviral therapy (LASER ART) is a technology with potential for a once every year dosing interval for treatment and prevention of HIV-1 and other viral infections.


Technology for Better Medicine and Vaccine Production

Bacmam Expression

Daktari Biotechnology will deploy optimized BacMam mammalian transduction and expression technology that combines new vector technology and human cell lines that significantly improve protein expression levels and scalable for commercial protein production platform in stirred-tank bioreactors.

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Baculovirus Expression

A technology that combines baculovirus and human cell lines to expression systems that once successfully can manufacture the vaccine in a commercial scale with vaccines generated in correctly folded protein conformations.

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Small Molecule

A technology that that leads to development of novel therapeutics whether small chemical entities are applied in prevention and treatment of viral infections in lower dosages.

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Progressing Kenya and Africa GDP Through Biotechnology, Vaccines and Medical Research

Daktari Biotechnology will be part of growing Kenya and Africa GDP growth.
Africa GDP is expected to grow from the current estimate of $2.5 trillion to over $20 trillion by 2050.


Will contribute to GDP growth as 90% of the biotechnology products consumed in Africa are produced in Africa.

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Vaccines production will grow to a production of 80% of the Vaccines consumed in Africa.

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Medical research

The budgets of medical research budgets will progressively grow with growth rate per year reaching as high as 95% per annum.

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