About Daktari Biotechnology Limited

Daktari Biotechnology Limited (herein referred to as "the company", "our", "we") is an innovation-led organization that aims to enable and provide access to high quality, advanced therapies for diseases that are chronic, where medical needs are largely unmet and treatment costs are high.

The company is engaged in developing high quality, affordable modified long acting small molecules and biosimilars drugs aimed at expanding patient access to a cutting-edge class of therapies. It is our goal to grow into a fully integrated biopharmaceuticals company developing and manufacturing organization which will become the first of its kind in Africa. We aspire to transform patients’ lives through innovative and inclusive healthcare solutions by developing and producing a large portfolio of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. The company’s long term goal is to establish a product pipeline mixture of up to 30 small molecules, biosimilars and vaccines, these will include drugs targeting HIV, TB, Hepatitis, diabetes/blood pressure, cancer, stroke, inflammation and others that address the needs of the African people.

We are also committed to developing innovative molecules to address unmet patient needs and a pipeline of promising assets which will include vaccines and immunotherapy molecules. It is the company’s goal to successfully launch a couple of therapeutics in Kenya after the opening of Daktari Biotechnology R&D and the manufacturing facilities.

Our plan is to build large scale research and manufacturing infrastructure to support its ambition of making an impact on Africa’s medicines supply.

Daktari Biotechnology's passion to impact global health is driven by our goal to develop affordable drugs with the potential to benefit millions of patients on the African continent.