Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will Daktari Biotechnology be producing Medicine and Vaccines for Coronavirus?

    SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus – nCOVID 19 just like Influenza of 1918 maybe here with us to stay. To live with it as it mutates, infects, sickens and kills people, we shall need Vaccines, Medicines and Progressive Research to combat the devastating effects of the disease on human health and to restore the normal functioning of the world and each country’s economy. Daktari Biotechnology education research, development and production plan will work on the medicines and vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 CORONAVIRUS – nCOVID 19

  • Why Start Medicine and Vaccine Production in Africa?

    The Africa Continent Medicine and Vaccines production is limited. This has led to the life expectancy in most African countries to be below 65 years when compared to Europe and North America that is above 75 years. The world has about 7.8 billion people today, of whom about 1.4 billion persons in Africa who just like people in the western countries and anywhere else in the world; constantly need quality Medicines and Vaccines.

  • What is the value of Africa Medicine and Vaccine Market?

    The Africa Medicine and Vaccine Market is currently at about $25 - $30 billion. This market will grow to about $1 TRILLION DOLLARS as Africa GDP grows from current $2.5 trillion to $20 Trillion in next 30 years.